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About Us

Arenite is a small kennel of Dobermanns & Lancashire Heelers based in Cheshire, England. Proudly owned, shown and trained by Laura Nicholas & William Langford.

Laura's journey in the dog world began over 18 years ago as a succesful junior handler of Welsh Terriers. Since those beginnings she has competed and trained in multiple disciplines with multiple breeds including spending time working in the USA with a renowned show kennel of Wirehaired Dachshunds and Scottish Terriers. Laura has also judged  several breeds in the UK as well as junior handling and is a Lancashire Heeler B- List Breed Specialist.

Our dogs are shown across the UK and Europe and the Dobermanns are also in training in the IPO sport with the aim to promote the 'True Dobermann' in type and temperament and the Lancashire Heelers help with our busy daily lives on our working Dairy & Sheep farm.

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