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We breed only when we wish to keep a dog for ourselves, PLEASE CONTACT US if you are looking for a dobermann or a lancashire heeler puppy and we would be happy to discuss whether they are the right breed or infact if we have the right dog for you.

All puppies will have lifetime breeder support, Kennel Club Registration ( Endorsed for breeding & export), First vaccinations, vet checked & Microchipped. Puppies will be weaned onto a raw diet with samples and advice given upon leaving for new homes.

We will have also carried out the Biosensor programme on these puppies from 3-16 days old and will be using the Volhard puppy aptitude testing around day 49 of age to assess individual temperaments.

We follow  the principles taken from ' Puppy Culture' in the socialisation and enrichment for our puppies and they will be reared in a busy home environment with children and other dogs and animals.

***Dobermann Puppies will either be VWD Carrier or Clear. (VWD carrier status has no negative impact on the health of the puppy and is only a consideration upon wanting to breed in the future, carriers

must only be bred with VWD Clear animals.)***

All enquiries welcome, please send us an email or find us on facebook in the first instance.

If you are interested in a particular litter or just interested in being on our waiting list for future litters please consider telling us as much as you can about yourself so we can advise on breed suitability and ensure appropriate homes for our puppies. Consider answering the following questions and more in your initial contact with us: 

  • Why this breed? Experience, interest.

  • Where do you live? In what conditions will the dog live? Do you have a fenced yard?

  • What other pets do you own now? Breed? How many?

  • Who will be the primary caretaker of the dog?

  • Do you have children in the household ? Age ranges.

  • How many hours a day will the dog be left alone?

  • Do you plan on showing, working or will the puppy be a family pet?

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Planned Litters

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Past Litters

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