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We own breed and train Dobermann’s and Lancashire Heelers and our dogs are a part of our family.  They live in the home with us as well as being constant travel companions.


Temperament, health and breed type are all important to us and we want dogs that make good family companions, are healthy and long lived as well as capable to be shown or worked in suitable disciplines as good representatives of their breed.

We  health test our dogs above and beyond the current Kennel club requirements for the breeds before even considering a breeding. Our breeding plans are the culmination of much time spent researching pedigrees and dogs in order to forward the breeds in health,type and temperament. Difficulty and distance is not an issue for either using the right stud dog or buying the right bitch and we have already used males as far away as Poland and imported females from Finland & Slovenia.

Our dog’s are a large part of our lives, visit each dog’s individual page in the drop down menu to see what they get up too !

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